Previous BCS questions on preposition

Previous BCS questions on preposition .

1)He has assured me —— safety. Ans:of

2)He has been ill——– friday last.

3)What is the time——–your watch.

4)He was hanged ——— murder.
Ans :for

5)We have recently entered ——— an agreement with inland co-operative society.

6)Now-a-days many villages are lit —— electricity.
Ans: with.


7)Are you doing special——- the weekend.
Ans : at.

8)The intellectual can no longer be said to live——— margins of society.
Ans: beyond.

9)He fantasized ——- winning the lottery.
Ans: about.

10)He divided the money ——— two children.
Ans : between.

11)Government has been entrusted ———– elected politicians.
Ans: to

12) He has paid the penalty ——– his crimes ——– five years in parison.
Ans: for,with.

13) In spite of my requests he did not get———.
Ans : off.

14) the tree has been blown ——— by the strong wind.
Ans: away

15) We waited until the plane——.
Ans:took off.

16) She argued ——— me about the marriage.
Ans: With.

17) I count ——- your help.
Ans : upon.

18) The second world war broke ——- in september, 1939.
Ans: out

19) The government gave———– the demands of the people.
Ans : in to

20) The ministers arrived ——- a decision last night.

21) I dont think you will have any difficulty ——— getting a driving license.

22) the team is made up ——- eleven players.
Ans : of

23) We need two hundred dollers ——– this to pay for everything.
Ans: besides.

24) My friend always goes home —– foot.
Ans: on

25) I decided to go ——- a walk with my friend as I needed some exercise.
Ans : for

26) The children were entrusted ——– the care of their uncle.
Ans: to

27) He parted ———- his friends in tears.
Ans: from

28) I finally killed the fly ——– a rolled up newspaper.
Ans: with

29) The man died ———- over eating.
Ans : from

30) He advised me to give ——— smoking.
Ans: up

31) What are you so angry ———?
Ans: about

32) The train is running ——- time.
Ans : to

33) My brother has no interest —— music.
Ans: in

34) I am looking forword ——– seeing you.
Ans: to

35) Put —— your shoes before entering the mosque.
Ans: off

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36) He is devoid ———– common sense.
Ans: of

37) The police is looking ———- the case.
Ans: into

38) I should appreciate it if you could complete this work ———- thursday.
Ans: by

39) The lights have been blown ——– by the strong wind.
Ans : out

40) The rich should not look down ————- the poor.
Ans: upon

41) Every driver must be held responsible ——- his own actions.

42) I am not good ——- translation.
Ans: at

43) We have to go ———- five minutes.
Ans: in

44) When they had their first child, they put ——— a large sum for his education.
Ans: aside.

45) Rizvi requested Rini ——— telephone to addend the meeting.

46) Mamy prefer donating money ———- distributing clothes.
Ans: to

47) Julia has been ill ———- three month.
Ans: for

48) There is no alternative ——— training.
Ans: to

49) I have not heard from him ——— long.
Ans: for

50) Your conduct admits ——– no excuse.
Ans: of

51) I shall not appear ——— the examination.
Ans: at

52) They travelled to saver ——– foot.
Ans: on

53) Nouren will discuss the issue with Nasir ——– phone.
Ans : by

54) Some writers sink ——— oblivion in course of time.
Ans: into

55) We look forword ——– receiving a response from you.
Ans: to (preposition)

56) He insisted ———- seeing her.
Ans: on

57) Professor Razzak was a scholar ——— refute.
Ans: of

58) John Smith is good ——– Mathematics.
Ans: at. (preposition)

59) Credit taka 5000 ——– my account.
Ans:to (preposition

60) I have been living in Dhaka ——— 2000.
Ans: Since

61) He refrained ——— taking any drastic action.
Ans: from

62) Eight men were concerned ——- the plot.
Ans: in

Learn these questions with attention.


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