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In an interview with Rakin Absar

Rakin Absar is one of the best content creators of Bangladesh.

Rakin’s every video has more than 1 lakhs views.
Rakin was born on 3rd February 1995. Rakin recently has completed his graduation from Independent University Bangladesh with Marketing and Human Resources subject.

He started his content creation life 7 years ago.

Rakin about his fans, supporter, and his content creation career :

Well, the supporters are always overwhelming even though it’s been nearly 7 years I’ve been in this business and still hasn’t gotten used to it properly. With every approach by the supporters, I feel like it’s the first time, which great to be honest. Their support means a lot and motivates me to give better entertainment I know they deserve

 Rakin Absar (Mr.Absar)

Rakin’s  message for his fans:

“be kind and understanding towards someone different than you”

I asked what is your favorite social media and he answered :

And there isn’t a favorite social at my age. I’m 26 years old. All I want is Netflix with having zero responsibility on my shoulders, lol.

I asked who is the best content creator in your opinion and he answered :

I don’t believe in the best, as everybody has something different to offer. And it changes over time and with taste. But I adore Liza Koshy because I think we are the same person

I asked are you same in your life as How we see in your videos and he answered :

Well not entirely but partially yes. You have to understand we all play a character on social media, not everybody is vocal about it. But that doesn’t mean that character isn’t a part of you, it definitely is! But I won’t say in person I’m entirely like that. But also proud it’s just a character among many I have.

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