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In an interview with jalraj- 2021

Singing can define as producing musical sounds with a voice and One who sings is called a singer or vocalist. Today we are going to write about Jalraj and Rajat. Their YouTube channel name “Jalraj”. Recently indie music label publishes a song by jalraj Which name is “Suun Zara” and it became very popular. Jalaj and Rajat are some of the famous singers and producers in India.

They started singing when they were in 4th grade. They Never took it seriously and to this date, they never claim of being singers. They love to produce music. They started singing only because they did not have any good singers around the area they lived in.

When ask them to tell about themself They said,

We are 2 brothers, Jalaj and Rajat. The first 3 letters of each name make it “JalRaj”.

Jalaj was born on 2nd February 1992 and Rajat was, 1st July 1993.

They said about their Educational institution that,

We have done our Bachelors in Civil Engineering From “Baddi University of Emerging Sciences and Technology”Baddi Himachal. Which is situated in Himachal Pradesh.

They said about Bangladesh and for their Bangladeshi fams that,

We would love to visit Bangladesh someday and who knows the day might come real soon. Love this beautiful country with beautiful people who has this great love for music.

We Ask them who are your inspiration,

They said, “We do not have any image whom we have a tendency to follow thus. We love everyone who loves music and is related to music by anyways. Music is a vast field and we learn tons n tons of things every day. Setting or calling one person as your icon would be an injustice to every other who we listen to”.

We ask them about their favorite song and singer-

There are No favorites as such but we love old songs.
There is also no favorites about the singer as such but we love Nikhil D Souza, Sonu Nigam, Arijit Singh

Their message for their fans that:

we want everyone, who enjoys our music, to know that never ever quit, be patient, and be disciplined when it comes to your work life.

we ask them about their future plan and what should we accept from you in the future, then they said,

You’ll see a big collaboration coming up with awesome artists. Cover songs will be continued but our originals will be prioritized.

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