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My fans are my supporters :Dristy Anam

Dristy Anam

Dristy Anam is One of the most viewed singer in Bangladesh. Dristy Anam had her main popularity by her folk and old songs mashups.Dristy has 500k+ Subscribers in youtube.2 million + follower in Facebook.100 k+ followers in Instagram. 800k+ followers in Tiktok. Dristy’s full name is Farzana Anam Dristy. She lives in Dhaka but her village house is in Pabna.She is studying CSE Departemnt (Computer Science Engineering) First year from Canadian University of Bangladesh.

There’s a short interview with Dristy Anam

What career you want to pursue?

Dristy : I want to be an Computer Engineer and that’s why I choose this subject.

Your working experience in Bangladesh music industry?

Drsity : There’s a lot of experiences that I have . And I feel good about it. The best part is fans love which give me strength every time whenever I feel sad.

Are you hear your songs any time?

Dristy : Yes . I’m so self obsessed.

your thinking about music career and our Bangladeshi music Industry.(Are our music industry need to improve?)

Dristy: Actually, I’m not a big singer in this industry.so, can’t tell about it freely. Everything’s need to be improved. So, if we focus to create a good content and try to catch up with the generation then I hope that’s gonna be great for us.

what should we get from you in future?

Dristy : If you’re asking about my career then I can say, obviously my study is very very important for me and also my singing career. I’m getting so much love from the audience and for them I’m preparing my own track and working with different different channels. Trying to give them new contents.. So that, they can enjoy my songs newly.

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Dristy Anam

your massege for your fans?

Dristy: No. I’m not gonna say they are my fans.. I wanna say they are my supporters and for them I’m here. Without them it’s not possible to get 500k subscribers. They love me so much and I hope they will give me the same love in future too. And obviously I just love them a lot.
As I said , they give me strength at my sad time.


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