First hit of Coronavirus immunization suspended

The public authority suspended directing the primary portion of the Covid immunization yesterday, simply a day after the Indian government said there won’t be another shipment of the antibody to Bangladesh at any point in the near future.

A round gave by the Directorate General of Wellbeing Administrations (DGHS) about the suspension didn’t make reference to when the specialists may continue regulating the main portion.

In another turn of events, the DGHS said it needs 20 lakh dosages of the Oxford-AstraZeneca antibody to keep giving individuals their subsequent punch.

“We inquired as to whether they can supply 20 lakh portions quickly,” DGHS Chief General Prof Abul Bashar Mohammad Khurshid Alam revealed to The Day by day Star yesterday.

The DGHS will get one lakh dosages of the Pfizer antibody from the COVAX office by May, he said.

Moreover, China has offered five lakh dosages of its Sinopharm antibody which has effectively been affirmed by Bangladesh’s medication organization. Authorities trust that these dosages will show up by May.

Delhi on Saturday disclosed to Dhaka that the stockpile of the oxford immunization will be postponed because of a lack of crude materials and monstrous interest in India.

Bangladesh unfamiliar service kept in touch with the Indian high commission a week ago, looking for data about the stockpile of the antibody according to an agreement.

Nazmul Hassan Papon, overseeing overseer of Beximco Pharma, said, “We trust that we will get some antibody. Yet, I can’t tell without a doubt.”

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Wellbeing specialists foresee that the immunization program will languish over some time except if a wonder occurs.

“The public authority should manage the Oxford inoculation for the people who took its first punch. Additionally, all the while, they ought to find various sources,” said Saidur Rahman, chief of pharmacology at the Bangabandhu Sheik Mujib Clinical School Center.

He added that China’s Sinopharm and Russia’s Sputnik V are acceptable choices.

Moreover, a Bangladeshi medication producer has educated the public authority that it can create the Moderna and Jonson and Jonson antibodies and it had imparted both the organizations.

“We requested that the nearby organization present the important reports referencing the expense,” Prof Khurshid revealed to The Day by day Star.

The DGHS is attempting to guarantee the Sinopharm and Sputnik V show up soon, he added.

The public authority on December 13 a year ago marked an arrangement with Serum Establishment of India on buying 3 crore dosages of the AstraZeneca immunization. According to the arrangement, Bangladesh should get 50 lakh portions a month.

Starting yesterday, just 70 lakh dosages have been dispatched to Bangladesh. The Indian government had sent an extra 33 lakh dosages as a blessing.

First hit of Coronavirus immunization suspended

coronavirus update


India has stopped exports today due to a severe oxygen crisis caused by the spread of coronavirus. Coronavirus infection in Bangladesh has also increased significantly in the last few months.

However, Bangladesh’s Department of Health and those involved in the oxygen industry say they hope there will be no shortage of oxygen as the number of oxygen-dependent patients in Bangladesh is still low.

However, if the demand for oxygen increases for any reason, they think there is a risk of a crisis.

Oxygen supply and demand
Bangladesh needs an average of 100-120 tons of oxygen per day. But after the corona outbreak soared in March, that demand rose to 300 tons per day.

But recently it has returned to its previous state.



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